KPC Film Production is based out of Sacramento, California servicing clients from around the world. Primarily started as a wedding cinematography studio that specializes in quick-turnaround and unique films. We love the challenge of producing such high-quality work in such a short amount of time because the emotional response is extremely rewarding for both our clients and our team.  Our KPC Film Production started with inspiration from Kevin Coughran as he was given a video camera at such a young age. He was always curious of how to make a movie for the big screen. After shooting his first wedding he found how rewarding making short films could truly be in the wedding industry. That led him to this point of our current KPC Film Production brand, focusing primarily on weddings. We are extremely excited about the prospect of working with you and we hope that you share our affiliation with the following values:


Our relationship with clients speaks with great value; authenticity, honesty, trustworthiness, and assurance. The client-studio dynamic works best when it is based on trust. A mutual agreement based on clear expectations is extremely important to accomplish a common goal. We work with clients who trust us to do what we do best.


The quality of our work speaks to minimalism, simplicity, artistry and efficiency. We believe that design is an equation that can be broken down into a basic, pure form. The elimination of distractions allow for the message of the work to speak loudest. We work with clients who value what we create.


The manner in which we practice is full of adventure, progression and innovation.  We believe that if something is to grow it has to be willing to change and adapt. Our best work and most growth comes from a place of vulnerability. Our goal is to exceed expectations but that takes risk. We work with clients who want more.

Wedding Video Package- $2500

2 Person Cinema Team

All Day Coverage

Short Film 4-6 Mins

Documentary Edit (Including Ceremony, Toasts, and First Dances)

Flash Drive, DVD, and *Online Delivery available

Multi-HD Camera Set-Up and Professional Audio Recording

Add Interviews during your wedding reception for fun personal messages by your guests


Wedding Photo Package - $2000

1 Photographer - 5-6 Hours

Free Engagement Session

5-10 Photos edited night of the event and delivered via Facebook

Rights to all photos!

Multi-HD Camera's & Professional Lighting available

Flash Drive, DVD, and Online Delivery available


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*Copyrighted material is not allowed to be posted on all platforms (First Dances may include copyrighted material)

Thank You

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We love answering questions! We look forward to meeting with you and capturing a day full of precious moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. Capturing your day with professional photographers or videographers is truly the best way to reflect on these moments. We would be honored to be trusted and responsible with this special task. Be happy with the fact that you’ll be able to share your happiest day with those who were not able to make it - your grandparents, your children, and yourselves years from now. We know you’ll love re-living your wedding day. Thank you!

Helpful Advice For Couples

Do you have any helpful advice for couples interested in inquiring about our services?

Send us an email to introduce yourself. Please watch our films before contacting us.  Please be a fan of our films and filmmakers.  Please don’t use your first email to inquire about prices or quotes, especially when that information is listed on our website.  Instead use your introduction email to start a conversation about the following topics/details:

·       What are both of your names?

·       Where do you live?

·       What are your careers?

·       What are you personal interests?

·       Where is your wedding?

·       When is your wedding?

·       How did you come across our studio?

·       What was your first impression of our work?

·       Why do you want filmmakers at your wedding?

·       Why do you want our studio to shoot your wedding?

·       What about having a wedding is important or exciting to you?

Do you have any helpful tips for getting the best wedding film?

·       Have your makeup artist set up near a window.

·       Let our shooters control the volume of any music playing while you’re getting ready.

·       Tell your family and friends who we are.  Show them our films so they understand why we are there.

·       Make sure your prep locations are clean and free of clutter.

·       And Smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pick your music?

·       It’s illegal to use other people’s music without their permission in our films.  We license each song using sites like The Music Bed and Song Freedom online.  It’s important for us to keep creative control when it comes to picking songs to score your film but feel free to browse through the websites and tell us if you like any specific songs.

Do you travel for events? If so, is there a travel fee?

·       Yes.  For an accurate travel fee quote, please contact us with your event details.  We love to travel for any and all special events! Travel costs are approximately as follows:

·       We charge $2/mile for events further than 150 miles away from Downtown Sacramento.

·       Events that are 3-5 hrs away (via car) – require a one-night hotel stay.

·       Events that are 6+ hrs away (via car) – require airfare, a one-night hotel stay, rental transportation & a daily $50/person meal stipend.

Do you shoot our rehearsal event/dinner?

·       While rehearsal coverage is not included in our Collections, we can most certainly arrange to do that. Details will determine exact additional charges.

What is your payment schedule?

·       We ask for a 50% deposit/retainer upon booking (and in order to hold your Wedding date), and the final balance on or before your wedding day.

When should we book you for our Wedding?

·       In order to ensure availability, we recommend booking today because we operate on a first “book” first serve basis. We don’t want you to miss out!

If we run late on the Wedding Day, will you stay later than scheduled?

·       Yes! After verbal agreement from the wedding couple, we will definitely stay to complete the celebration.